We are starting a column #IMHO, where Admitad managers will share their (not particularly humble) opinion about tracking, traffic and the work of affiliate networks in general. For the inaugural ribbon cutting we introduce Danila Didik, Business Development Manager, who has been working with advertisers for about three years and has things to share with the readers. In particular, he would like to share his thoughts about contextual advertising in CPA marketing.

Danila Didik,
Business Development Manager (Admitad)

It’s no secret that affiliate marketing can completely cover the advertiser’s need for driving traffic through contextual advertising – both brand related and general.

Yet for some reason, not many advertisers take this opportunity. To be precise, according to our statistics, about 70% of the advertisers engaged in the affiliate network use the publishers driving traffic through contextual advertising. Out of those 70% only 14% work with brand bidding.

Why, you would ask. I’ll tell you why!

Quite often advertisers have concerns about the quality of that kind of traffic, its volume, rates competition, comprehensive analysis of inquiries, audience targeting, etc., etc., etc… And that is fine!

But! By no means all the advertisers reached “deplorable conclusions” directly from their own experience with this type of traffic. The overwhelming majority (about 90%) of those who just start working with affiliate traffic have unproven prejudice about it, and I as a manager dealing with the advertisers have to work with that prejudice.

These are the reasons and conditions that allow me to recommend all the advertisers at least to try to start working with contextual advertising in СРА:

  • If you do not have your own contextual advertising
  • If you wish to make some budget savings — you would only pay for the result, not for clicks
  • If your current contractor does not deliver the desired results
  • If your own specialists fail to promote certain categories of products/services
  • If you wish to compare the profitability of the contextual advertising launched through an affiliate network, an agency or in-house
  • Finally, if you wish to test it to assess its efficiency

There can be more reasons and the efficiency of the channel depends on an individual approach.

When talking about an individual approach, I mean, for example, the ability to either allow these types of traffic for all the publishers of this specialty or reserve the right to work with this traffic for a limited pool of partners/TOP partners of this specialty. What else can be done? Contextual advertising could be set up for certain categories, certain categories could be excluded or included temporarily, necessary targets could be elaborated. In general, any customization is possible — it is up to you.

According to statistics, the average turnover that an advertiser receives from the aforementioned type of traffic is 20-30% of the turnover of the entire offer, and in the most successful cases it is 40-50% and higher.

These figures are remarkable, won’t you agree?

I can give you an example of one of the advertisers operating in the e-commerce category in the CIS, who introduced contextual advertising into the work of his affiliate program.

*April was the month of introducing contextual advertising

One doesn’t have to be a genius to register positive changes in this example.

However! Everything requires a sensible approach: consult with an affiliate program manager who will help you select the publishers, provide the necessary materials (for example, a list of negative keywords), and in general, make informed decisions, since the successful launch of this channel in no small part depends on you -the advertiser!

Also, do not forget about the internal solutions of the affiliate network, which help monitoring and controlling publishers’ violations. But perhaps I’ll tell you about this some other time.


One can and should work with contextual advertising in CPA. And those who do not believe it can pick the brain of 1.1K advertisers who are doing this with us right now.

Very soon, as part of a series of training materials, we’ll tell you what concerns advertisers have about contextual advertising in CPA, how reasonable these concerns are and what the best way is: to keep contextual advertising in-house, to pass it on entirely to publishers or to “spread” the traffic between channels. Don’t miss it

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