Telegram is a young messenger which audience has grown over 200 million users. This proves that Telegram is a great traffic source. Somebody uses it to send messages, for someone it is a source of up-to-date and interesting information and somebody owns a channel.

You can get profit from Telegram only by creating a channel, if you don’t know how to create one, check the manual in the article “As easy as assembling IKEA furniture: how to create a Telegram channel”. In the current article you will find out which monetization models you can use to make money through Telegram, which types of channels are better monetized, why you can’t ignore bots and how to attract fist subscribers.

What’s the process of Telegram monetization?

As Telegram is young, the channel creators are still discovering the models of making money through it. Here are the most popular patterns:

      Cross-promotion with other channels. It is a model when a channel buys ads on other channels. Nowadays it is the most common model of monetizing for the majority of the channel owners. Approximately 700 000 users join Telegram every month, therefore, the audience of channels is growing and channels buy advertising from each other to reach more potential subscribers. But what’s the point in it if they get only subscribers, but the investment doesn’t return? And if other channels buy advertising on your channel, it is most likely that you will spend these earnings on advertising your channel. Talking about prices: each channel owner sets the price, the more subscribers the channel has, the higher will be the price. Before buying promotion in a channel, check if its subscribers are “alive” — if a channel has 300 000 subscribers, but just 300 views of posts, it will be a waste of money to buy ads there.

      Advertisers buy ads on channels. This situation is pretty common on other platforms like YouTube — an advertiser asks to promote its products on the channel, provides them and pays for it. But it is pretty early to use such model as Telegram is not developed enough for that, it can work well only on popular channels or channels of popular bloggers, but there are few of them in Telegram now.

      Making money through CPA (through affiliate networks). The principles of how you can earn through affiliate network you can find in our article “Affiliate network for beginners: what it is and how to make money through it”. In short CPA (cost per action) is a model when an advertiser pays for actions performed by users who you attracted.  For instance, if you had attracted a user to the website and then this user purchased something, you get a share of the sum of this purchase. In this process Telegram is a platform where you place the affiliate links to the website and attract potentially interested users to these links.

Which types of Telegram channel can I create?

Let’s take a look at the types of channels which will work well with CPA model:

      Blog. This type is very well-known, it is pretty similar to a YouTube channel when a v/blogger shares some kind of content and many people support him. Followers trust bloggers, read their content attentively and usually follow their advices. When a blogger advertises something, he/she does it in a native form, not straight advertising and his/her subscribers actually listen to what they recommend. As a result, the blog becomes a very effective and targeted traffic source. A blogger can choose any topic for your channel and add links to the content. For example, when a blogger has a channel about his personal life and adds there such posts as “Hey guys, I have an awesome news! Some days ago I came across this website and bought there a splendid hoodie. Look how cool it looks.” plus he/she adds a photo and a link to this website. Such types of content are very well converted into sales. But the thing is that the blogger should be either extremely popular or know how to create very interesting content (and better both at the same time).

      Reviews. We have shared that those who make product reviews earn well, especially on YouTube. If you are beginning to create product reviews and you have a channel dedicated to product reviews of any category (gadgets, China shops, cosmetics), you can add to reviews the affiliate links to the websites where your readers can purchase these goods. Your subscribers will read your posts and click on the affiliate links, as soon as they click, your cookie will be automatically attached to them and if they purchase this product within the cookie lifetime, you’ll get the reward.

      News. It resembles the product reviews, but the difference is that you write about new product releases. For example, if Xiaomi has launched a new model of smartphone, you can make a post about this model with detailed characteristics and you also post an affiliate link to the website where users can buy it.

      Sales and deals. It is one of the best ways to make money on Telegram. The owners of such channels make posts informing the subscribers about sales, coupons, deals and offer them unique promo-codes (this will motivate them to make a purchase through your link). Such channels exist and work really well with affiliate networks, but you can also always create a channel in your niche. And even if your niche is occupied and you have a successful competitor, it doesn’t mean that you should give up and leave all the fame to him. You can create the channel in the same niche but be more creative than your rival so you’ll attract many viewers. Telegram is young (comparing to WhatsApp, for example) and there are many niches still available which you can occupy, so try to take a look at the available categories and segments of products.  You will be the first and it will be your advantage, later similar channels will appear but it will be hard to compete with you.

There are popular channels with over 100 thousand subscribers but with minimum conversions. Usually these channels specialize in the entertaining topic (gifs, memes like 9gag, etc.). Users follow this channel to have fun and to relax, not to find some deals, so any type of ads there can irritate them. The involvement and conversion rate in such channels are also very low, so we don’t recommend to create such channels for monetization

How to choose a topic for your channel?

There is no official catalogue or source where you can find a list of existing Telegram channels to learn which niche is available for you to occupy it. But there are several unofficial catalogues, check them and filter the channels according to the categories to know which kind of channel you can create. Then you go to the website of the affiliate network (in our case it is Admitad) and check the programs which advertisers offer. After that you need to match the deals and channels. If there are many deals and coupons for cosmetics, but there are no such channels in Telegram, then it is time to create one. Don’t choose several or broad topics (cosmetics & clothes & health & sport & products for pets), try to focus on one. Alright now you need to create the channel, fill it with content, affiliate links, deals and start earning.

Useful tools and bots

There are some assistants who will be of much help for you and your channel:

      ControllerBot — as a creator you will need this bot to manage the channel and to make your posts more attractive. If you don’t want to send simple and boring messages which include text, link and an image, you need ContrellerBot. It will provide you with an opportunity to add reactions, emojis, special buttons like “Subscribe” “Open the website” “Show more”, add images, make the text in bold. This bot is easy to use and you don’t need to graduate from Harvard for using it as the command “help” will solve any of your issues.

      TGStat Bot — this bot is for tracking statistics, showing users’ involvement, of your and other channels. It will be useful if you want to promote your channel on other channels. As we said, some channels have “not alive” subscribers which are only for the quantity and it is a waste of money to buy adds on those channels.

      Admitad Extension is an extension for the browser to generate affiliate links without any efforts. All you need to do is to open advertiser’s website, press the button and you will get the shortened affiliate link which can be added to any post. This tool will save your time as you get the link immediately. If you need to generate many links for one or several ad spaces, this tool is just what you need.

      Livegram Bot — if you don’t want your subscribers to know who you are so that they don’t send you personal messages, use this bot for communicating with them, you can add the bot name to the contacts. This is how it works: a user sends a message to the bot, the bot forwards the message to you and you answer the user on behalf of the bot.

How do I get subscribers?

If you have a new channel, spread the word about it. Share this news on social networks with your friends and they will share with their friends and so on; make a post about your channel on forums of the same topic and use other ways of word of mouth. These actions will attract first 50-100 subscribers. You can also make a deal with some other publishers on free mutual reposts what’s beneficial for all of you. For instance, if your channel about gadgets has 5 thousand subscribers, you can exchange promotion with similar channels which have resembling topic and approximately same number of subscribers, you can exchange promotion with some channel about electronic devices with 4 500  — 5 000 subscribers.

The most popular way to get subscribers is to buy them in other channels by posting there. The prices and quality of audience differ depending on the channel.

As long as Telegram is only developing in terms of earnings, you can hurry up and take your chance. It is the first and the most convenient messenger to make money. Although there is lack of some opportunities and functionalities for channels, soon they will appear and it will be hard to compete with those who have created a channel in time. This means that it is not much time left to take your niche and become a leader in it. So hurry up and join the affiliate networks as time is running out.

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