Have you read our blog well enough? Are your ready to define who you really are in CPA world? We are sure that you are, so take your time and check whether you are an affiliate hero or you need to learn a little more to become one.
1. Let's start from the easy one. What's an affiliate network?
2. For what do advertisers pay in affiliate networks?
3. What is CR?
4. Which pricing model doesn't exist?
5. What is an offer?
6. Which pricing model will be used if an attracted user bought something on advertiser's website?
7. What's a cookie?
8. The advertiser "Mike's breakfast" has forbidden brand bidding. For which of the following advertisements can a publisher be banned from the affiliate program?
9. What is CPM?
10. What is arbitrage?
11. What is Last Cookie Wins?
12. How does "Last Cookie Wins" work?
13. Which type of traffic sources is forbidden in affiliate networks?
14. What is toolbar?
15. What is ROI?
16. When do advertisers stop paying for traffic attracted by contextual advertising?
17. Which business model doesn't exist in affiliate networks?
18. What is SEO?
19. What is XML-feed?
20. What is adult traffic?
21. What is an exclusive offer?
22. On which social network cannot you paste the links under posts?
23. What is the approval rate?
24. What is the incentive traffic?
25. What is cashback?
26. What is deeplink?
27. What is SubID?
28. What is the average hold time?
29. What is CPI?
30. What is fraud?

    1. Admitad Academy

      Hi! The best result is Super Publisher and you were close to getting it. Study and practise a little more and you will become one:)

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